Your body is a silent speaker

Our body is like a silent speaker with a lot of things to say.

Our bodies have the ability to let us know what we need and when we need it. Just like headaches and dry mouth tell us that we need to rehydrate ourselves, our stomach rumbles tell us that we need to feed ourselves, or our yawns and heavy eyelids tell us that we need to rest. 😴

We get these signals in our daily life even if we do not realise that they are signals from our body. 🔔

The human body gives signals all the time to our brain. Everything we feel and do is a signal that we only need to listen.

To listen to your body means that when your body is feeling something, anything, you should actually consider that as a signal to take action. 🆘

Follow the signals and listen to what your body is saying to you.
It is the way that will lead you to a healthier life! 🍀