Why does exercise increase your body temperature?

Have you ever realised that whenever you work out, your body heat seems to go up and you begin to sweat? 😰And have you ever questioned if this is normal or it is a problem for your body?🤔

The answer is, it’s absolutely normal for your body to heat up when you are exercising. This is the way your body is regulating your core body temperature, preventing you from overheating! 🌡👀

Your muscles heat up as they expend energy during exertion.💪🏼 When this happens, your skin begins to sweat, causing your body to cool down. The spike in your body heat also alerts your brain to ensure your body remains at your normal core 🌡🚨

Regular exercise may raise heat, but it has a lot of benefits.

It improves your blood circulation and lowers cholesterol, and the risk for most diseases. It can also help you to lose weight, depending on your health goals and your workout routine. Besides all these benefits, it also helps your body to relax and provide better sleep quality. 😴

So when you get sweaty and hot in your next workout, don’t worry and let your body do its miracle to cool you down. And keep in mind that, you should drink water to prevent dehydration when you lose a lot of water! :gota: