The effects of high body temperature

A high body temperature is a high level within the normal body temperature range, so it doesn’t always mean to be a fever. 🌡
A high body temperature may have the following effects on the body:

1- Active internal organs 💁🏽‍♀️
Higher body temperature allows the digestive enzymes in the body, as well as other enzymes that are beneficial to the internal organs, to be more energetic. It prevents constipation, flatulence and frequent urination. 🏃🏽‍♂️
Enzymes: products of food fermentation 🥑🥙

2-Boosts immunity💪🏼
High body temperature boosts the function of white blood cells that fight against foreign viruses and bacteria, enhancing immunity and improving health.

3-Increasing the basal metabolic rate 📈
People with a high basal metabolism burn more calories than those with a low basal metabolism even if they do not exercise, and a higher body temperature increases the body’s basal metabolic rate.

4-Good blood circulation 🩸
When the body temperature is high, the blood vessels become softer and blood can be transported smoothly throughout the body.