Our temperature changes during digestion

Digestion is the biological process by which organisms acquire the nutrients necessary to carry out their vital functions. It is during digestion that our body undergoes a series of modifications to carry out this process. 👀

One of these modifications would be the increase in body temperature due to the digestive system releasing more heat to absorb the food consumed. 🥵

Depending on the amount of total calories in the food ingested, the temperature of our body will vary, but it will also vary depending on the amount of protein ingested. 🌡

The actual act of absorbing the nutrients involves more blood flowing into the capillaries surrounding the digestive system, causing other parts of the body to lower their blood flow and, as a consequence, local coldness in certain parts of the body. 🩸

This is why, despite the fact that your body temperature rises, this cold sensation arises immediately after eating. 🥶