You are what you eat

Your mind:cerebro: and body:hombre_en_postura_loto::tono-de-piel-4: take form according to the food you eat.:aguacate::brócoli::huevo_frito::crepes::pizza::hamburguesa:

The German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said in 1850 that “You are what you eat” and this is totally true! Because food affects not only our physical health:hombre_corriendo::tono-de-piel-4:, but also our emotions.:prohibido_hablar: What we eat is the most important factor that determines how we feel, what emotions we deal with, and whether we feel energetic. That’s why it’s always said that “You are what you eat” :hombre_en_postura_loto::tono-de-piel-4:

The body needs fuel, and our fuel comes from food.:surtidor_de_gasolina: The nutrients we get from food allows our body to function properly and cope with daily activities. But the role of food for our body goes much further than we think, it has a big impact on our physical and mental health, improving our quality of life. :hombre_en_postura_loto::tono-de-piel-4:

Imagine you spend one week eating fast food:pizza::hamburguesa::patatas_fritas::perrito_caliente:, at the end of the week you will feel tired, exhausted, bloated and all these feelings also have a reflection on your mental health. It makes us lazy and less productive.:soñoliento:

On the other hand, imagine eating healthy:brócoli::aguacate::huevo_frito: for one week. It directly shows its effects on your body with energy:alto_voltaje:, your face with glow:hombre_dándose_un_masaje::tono-de-piel-4: and on your mental health. Our eating habits determine to a large extent how our bodies function and feel. :músculo::tono-de-piel-4:

A good diet that includes all the necessary nutritional values that our body needs, leads us to a happier and healthier life.:plántula::destellos:

But what is eating properly? :cara_pensativa:

Adequate nutrition is that which provides us with the body’s requirements, in terms of energy and nutrients, to cover its needs and to enable it to function correctly. There is no universally appropriate diet, but it must be adapted to each person according to their personal characteristics and lifestyle: a balanced diet will not be the same for a :niño: as for an :mujer_mayor: or a pregnant woman :embarazada: , nor for a person who regularly practises sport :hombre_corriendo::tono-de-piel-4: or for a sedentary person. :durmiendo:

However, the discovery of nutrients and their function in the body does allow us to determine those foods that effectively promote health and prevent disease. And it is these that should be part of the diet of a healthy population. :brócoli::plántula::aguacate::destellos: