How to protect yourself from the heat wave?

As we know, in some parts of the world there are serious heat waves threatening people’s lives. Heatwave can cause dehydration and health issues amongst people. It is very important to know how to prevent it. 🔥 🌍

According to the Financial Express, there have been at least 26 heat waves since March, four of them being deadly and causing people to fall or have health complications.📋

People who experience extreme heat may develop heat-related illnesses or perhaps pass away. When bodies are unable to adequately cool themselves, people get sick from the heat. People with chronic medical issues, small children, and older adults are more vulnerable to heat-related sickness. 🤒

What to do in a Heatwave?

  • Drink water frequently. You may also drink salted drinks, lemon water, and fresh fruit juices.
  • Wear light and loose clothing👙
  • Wear a hat and stay in the shadows 🧢
  • Avoid going outdoors when the sun is highest
  • Avoid drinking coffee, tea or carbonated drinks
  • Follow a healthy and fresh diet🥗

Do not forget your pets 🐶🐱
Heat can affect pets too. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet. Beyond making sure your animals can stay cool and hydrated and watching for signs of overheating, avoid unprotected walks on hot pavement or asphalt, which can burn paw pads. 🐾
Always keep an eye on your pet and make sure that they are safe. 🐶