How does the weather affect us?

When you have a bad feeling, can it be the fault of the weather? :cara_pensativa:

There’s no doubt that some types of headaches and pains and some circulatory problems are sometimes weather related. :parcialmente_soleado: Our bodies are known to react to the atmospheric events. Rain or sun, hot or cold, the organisms has to constantly adjust themselves to changes in temperature, humidity and air pressure. Of course, this is an adjustment that takes place outside of our consciousness and we actually don’t feel it. :ojos:

Besides its physical effects, it also has some significant psychological effects on us. :cerebro:

Warmth and sunshine makes us alert and takes our serotonin levels up, we become more receptive to others, more smiling spreading positivity. So warm temperatures and hours of sunshine lower anxiety levels and increase positive thinking. :sol_con_cara:

However, in extreme cold latitudes, people are more prone to depression, and high humidity makes it difficult to concentrate, increasing fatigue. This is due to the dip in serotonin levels caused by lack of sunshine. The dip in serotonin levels also contributes to food cravings for comfort foods or carbohydrates since they boost serotonin levels. However, this is only temporary and not the best way to combat with depression. :tenacidad:

What does a sudden change in weather cause in the body?

The effect of weather changes can vary from person to person with:

-Depression :cara_blanca_ceñuda:
-Marked anxiety, excessive emotional sensitivity and irritability :tenacidad:
-Decreased interest in usual activities :gráfico_con_tendencia_descendente:
-Tiredness :cara_cansada:
-Cold-like symptoms, including muscle, head and joint aches :cara_estornudando:
-Changes in sleep patterns (trouble falling asleep or sleeping too much) :durmiendo:
-Appetite changes (overeating, loss of appetite or excessive cravings for certain foods) :cara_de_grogui:,

A temperate climate is best for our mood, as mild winters and cooler summers make it easy to enjoy the outdoors all year round, not only because they facilitate physical activity, but also spending time in the sun reduces stress and increases well-being. :persona_en_postura_loto::tono-de-piel-4::soleado: