How does the heat affect us?

Are you ready for the summer season? :sol_con_cara:

We are entering to a very hot season of the year with the added appearance of frequent intense heat waves.:fuego:

This makes us question at what extent can the heat affect us? :cara_con_calor:

Most people are able to accept heat well, as well as any change in temperature, but an excess of heat can affect us both physically and psychologically. :cara_de_grogui:

Physically, an excess of heat makes us feel more tired:sudor:, we notice that our body is not able to rest enough at night due to the heat, and during the rest of the day we feel a sense of extreme physical exhaustion to the point of being more sensitive.

On the other hand, we can also notice how we are more cheerful than in other seasons of the year, such as winter or autumn, because there is more sunlight to take advantage of, and our body is grateful for that. :sonrojo:

What can we do to minimize the sensation of heat? :ojos:

-Hydrate adequately. During the hot times of the year, it is necessary to triple the amount of water we drink.:gota:

-Avoid being outdoors for long periods of time, especially during the hottest time of the day, from 12 noon to 6 pm. :cronómetro:

-Look for suitable places where you can be sheltered from the sun with a pleasant temperature, always look out for well-conditioned premises. :playa_con_sombrilla:

-At home, keep the temperature low with small actions such as lowering the blinds, closing curtains, etc. :casa:

-If you are taking any type of medication, consult a specialist about the possible adverse dehydrating effects of the drugs you are taking. :profesional_sanitario::tono-de-piel-4:

-It is important to know that a nap after lunch, coinciding with the hottest part of the day, helps us to regenerate from the extra wear and tear that the heat produces in our body. :durmiendo:In any case, this is a time of year when we need to take care of ourselves and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. :persona_en_postura_loto::tono-de-piel-4:Happy summer!:sol_con_cara::palmera: