5 Tips to achieve your health goals

We all know the disappointment of not seeing much return of a long-term goal after a month. And this disappointment mostly ends up with giving up.

Here are some tips for setting the right goal and making it happen:Be realistic:ojos:

It is important to start with realistic goals. Don’t set goals that are so high or hard to reach, this might make you overwhelmed if you can not achieve them and cause you to stop pushing for your goals.Keep track:gráfico_con_tendencia_ascendente:

Always keep track of your activities and progress. Seeing how far you come will motivate you to continue.:músculo::tono-de-piel-4:Focus on one thing at a time:apuntando_hacia_arriba_2::tono-de-piel-3:

Sometimes we try to make everything happen at the same time. But this might end with a failure. If you try to exercise, quit smoking, lose weight and eat healthy at the same time, this might be overwhelming for you. It is better to pick a target that is important to you and go step by step. When you see that you achieve one goal, it will motivate you to go for more.

Get support:cara_abrazando:

Finding others that share the same goals as you can be encouraging. Join groups or classes that will help you on your way to your achievements.

Reward yourself:medalla_deportiva:

When you reach a goal, do not forget to give yourself a reward. This can be whatever you like, maybe going to the cinema, buying a flower or a new outfit. Whatever makes you happy! :corazón:Source: ohiohealth.com