What happens f we don’t drink enough water?

Whatever you do, make sure to get in six to eight glasses of water everyday. Otherwise, dehydration can cause several problems in your body. :ojos:

Here are the most common side effects:

Temperature:termómetro:: Water helps you to keep your normal temperature. Not getting enough water can cause changes in your body temperature.

Headache :cara_con_la_cabeza_vendada:: One of the most common causes of headache is dehydration. But the good news is that if the headache is because of dehydration, the moment you drink a large glass of water your headache will disappear.

Dull skin :cara_en_nubes:: Not giving enough water to your body will show its effects with dry and ashy skin.

Dizziness :cara_de_grogui:: The main cause of dizziness is low blood pressure. This can result, among other things, from a lack of hydration. The blood can no longer be thinned properly and is pumped more slowly through the body.

Fatigue :aturdido:: Dehydration leads the body to shut down the metabolism and this makes us sleepy.What you can do to remember to drink enough water everyday is to carry a cute bottle with you and set up reminders to push yourself until you get used to it.

Keep yourself hydrated! :gota: