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Stockholm/Copenhagen 23 December 2021

Using implants for storing covid vaccine certificates

DSruptive has received a lot of attention lately regarding a demo of placing a covid-certificate on one of our xSIID implants. In this light we would like to clarify the following:

DSruptive does not sell or design implants specifically for covid-certificates. Implants can be used for many things, and one of them is that the user of a chip can add any info they want to their device. This can be for example links to websites, a vcard-file or a link to a covid certificate. DSruptive has no control over insight into what the users of our tech put on their devices.

Our implants cannot be used for tracking the location of a person. The implants are passive, meaning they have no battery. They cannot transmit information independently. Implants are only activated momentarily when the user touches them with a smartphone.

The business of DSruptive is to design and manufacture smart implants for human use. Our first product is the BeUno® temp sensor implant device. We are convinced that sensor equipped implants represent a new paradigm in health care. Today millions of people are using health logging wearables to track their pulse, sleep, body temperature and numerous other health parameters.

At the same time, wearables are expensive, fragile and have short user lives due to a lot of wear and tear. Sensor equipped implants represent a safe, affordable and robust alternative to wearables. An implant is ten times cheaper than a standard wearable, has ten times longer lifetime and cannot be lost or stolen. We enable users who may not be able to afford a high-end wearable to still have access to their own body data in a simple way. In this way we enable some key paradigms in health: personalisation of healthcare, remote monitoring and preventative medicine.

DSruptive does not sell implants to consumers. We may do so in the future by way of different partners and distributors. Please follow us on social media to stay tuned for updates.

If you represent a business or if you are an academic researcher looking for partnerships relating to implants, please do reach out

About DSruptive
DSruptive is a design agency with expertise in implantable microelectronics and related technologies. DSruptive has developed a proprietary platform for frictionless health logging and remote monitoring.