Enrollment page

Welcome to the enrollment page for the BeUno Beta Test Program!

Please fill in your details below to enroll – if you have any questions, you can write to beta@dsruptive.com

As BeUno® is not yet a consumer product, you have to agree to the terms and conditions for participating in the program. Please make sure to read the BeUno Terms & Conditions carefully before you sign up.

If your application is accepted, you will receive a link to complete the enrollment by paying the participation fee of 249€ (VAT & shipping included).

Implantation Partners

The safety and security of our users is very important to us. That’s why implantations can only be made at the contracted Implantation partners listed in the menu below. Your BeUno kit will be shipped to the Implantation partner you select. If none of the locations work for you, you may suggest alternatives in your area and we are happy to reach out to them.

Please note that you need to make the implantation appointment directly with the partner, and that the fee for the implantation procedure is not included in the participation fee and has to be agreed directly with your selected implantation partner.

Phone models

To get the best experience out of BeUno, please make sure to have the latest operating system on your phone. Your phone must have NFC for you to be able to read your implant. We recommend that you check for your phone’s NFC antenna location.

Implant location

The locations to get your implant are the inner side of the upper arm and the chest area below the collarbone. Our algorithm is optimised for these locations.


Enrollment form

The data in this form will be used to evaluate the participants applying for the BeUno Beta Program. Applying for the program does not guarantee enrollment in it.

Personal information

Health information

Are you aware of any health condition that may be of importance for and/or be a risk for your eventual implantation? Examples of such health conditions could be medication, allergies, intolerances or blood disease. If you are uncertain, please consult a physician before completing the enrollment form. *

Implantation partners

Verified implantation partners