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Málaga/Spain 15 November 2022

DSruptive has won the ‘Most Innovative Company’ award by #PremiosEmprendemosAndalucía

DSruptive has attended the Empezar Fest event that took place on 14-15th of November 2022. We got to chance to meet the successfull startups of Andalucía, get to know them and talk about the trending topics in entrepreneurship.

We are happy to share that we have won the ‘Most Innovative Company’ award in Andalucía by #PremiosEmprendemosAndalucía2022. It is a great honor to receive this recognition and share the scene with the other winners GENAQ and Genengine.

About DSruptive
DSruptive is a design agency with expertise in implantable microelectronics and related technologies. DSruptive has developed a proprietary platform for frictionless health logging and remote monitoring.