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Stockholm/Copenhagen 18 September 2020

DSruptive concludes 400K EUR investment from Nordic Group

Dsruptive and Nordic Group

DSruptive, the implant design company, has secured an investment of EUR 400,000 in a combination of cash and services from Nordic Group ApS for an undisclosed equity stake.

The agreement also includes a follow up financing setup of an additional EUR 500,000.

The proceeds will be used to accelerate the development and to finance a large pre-clinical study of DSruptives innovative subdermal vital parameter monitoring platform.

Chris Moore, CEO of Nordic Group, will join the board of directors of DSruptive as non-executive chairman.

Hannes Sjöblad, Managing Director of DSruptive, commented:

“I am excited for our partnership with Nordic Group. As pioneers pushing a new paradigm in the field of digital health it is of critical importance for us to be working with investors who deeply understand how the industry is being transformed. Nordic Group is an entrepreneur founded and driven organisation and we feel a strong alignment both in values and in outlook.”

Chris Moore, Managing Director of Nordic Group, commented:

“We have followed DSruptive, its evolving technology, and its potential to harness a personalisation of healthcare, for a number of years. We decided that now is an ideal time to step in and help accelerate the business through an active involvement.

I am impressed by the business and technical proficiency of DSruptive’s seasoned team. The founders are leaders in their field and are already serving multiple international clients with advisory services relating to implantable platforms. This type of technology has huge global potential. With this team, DSruptive is in excellent hands.

We at Nordic Group, through our subsidiaries, partnerships and stake holdings in various cutting edge health companies, is committed to supporting the pursuance of optimal health, returning the ownership of health back to the individual, and in turn empowering them to be the better version of themselves. The promise of DSruptive’s technology enables that, and dovetails nicely into our corporate slogan: Healthcare for the Future.”

For further questions contact:

Hannes Sjöblad, Managing Director of DSruptive

Phone: +46735353000


Chris Moore, CEO of Nordic Group

Phone: +45 53 83 53 01


About DSruptive

DSruptive is a design agency with expertise in implantable microelectronics and related technologies. DSruptive has developed a proprietary platform for frictionless health logging and remote diagnostics. The platform can, among numerous other applications, be used for early detection of fever both on an individual and on a population level.

About Nordic Group

Nordic Group is a company group at the forefront of healthcare innovation and personalised medicine. The group includes a range of companies and brands supporting the advancement of healthcare innovation, including Nordic Clinic, Nordic Labs, Nordic Health, Athgene, DNA-Life, Medcheck, Resistomap and Thermocheck.