Hardware Developer.

We are looking to engage a Full-time hardware developer with DSruptive. This is an operative and both internal and external facing role, that includes both participating on our internal products and providing assistance to our clients.

A successful candidate must demonstrate high levels of accomplishment in their own field, be self-motivated with a can-do attitude, comfortable with a small company culture, excited and proud about the impact of their own work.

Main Responsibilities

  • Prototype development (design, build, assembly, and test).
  • Identify and interact with vendors for outsourced sensors and electronics components.
  • Demonstrate proof of concepts.
  • Define and validate value proposition.
  • Support existing ongoing projects and build new areas of research based on their technical research.


  • MS/PhD in Engineering (Electronics/Electrical/Materials or related field; will consider extensive work accomplishments in lieu of advanced degree).
  • Familiar with software and hardware tools used for product design and fabrication (Eagle CAD, Github, Arduino…).
  • Basic electronics prototyping experience.
  • Familiar with the environment in a materials R&D lab.
  • Team player while able to handle independently multiple tasks.
  • Collaborating with the designers/developers to test the software.
  • Fluent in English – other languages such as Spanish, Swedish is a strong bonus.
  • EU citizenship or Permanent Residency required.

As a person, we expect you to work independently and take own initiatives, high degree of self leadership. Willing to commit long term to a startup with world changing ambitions and possibly become a world leading authority on subdermals health monitoring.

The position is based in Almeria (Spain).

If this sounds good to you, please send us an email at hi@dsruptive.com

About DSruptive

DSruptive is a design agency with expertise in implantable microelectronics and related technologies. DSruptive has developed a proprietary implantable device and systems platform for frictionless health logging and remote diagnostics. The platform can, among numerous other applications, be used for early detection of fever both on an individual and on a population level. DSruptive has offices in Sweden and in Spain.

DSruptive is a part of the Nordic Group – a company group at the forefront of healthcare innovation and personalised medicine. The group includes a range of companies and brands supporting the advancement of healthcare innovation, including Nordic Clinic, Nordic Labs, Nordic Health, Athgene, DNA-Life, Medcheck, Resistomap and Thermocheck.