Meet Siid – Our new Modular Platform for Implants

We’ve designed Siid so that your takeoff time will be minimized. We are currently looking for business partners who want to develop custom implants with focus on health.

We are already doing a few collaborations and we can help your company bring this experience to your customers too. Contact us for inquiries.

Siid LED

DSruptive is looking for partners that want to provide implants based on our technology. We will keep everyone interested posted about the partnership progress, to stay updated please subscribe to our newsletter.

Siid specifications

Biocompatible certified glass.

Lead-free and RoHS Compliant high-brightness LED

DSruptive board
Ultraslim PCB with NFC interface, EEPROM, and energy harvesting capabilities

NFC antenna
Inductive ferrite core coil at 13.56mhz

Small Form Factor
The DSruptive board dimension are so small, which makes it possible to embed in a bioglass

Energy Harvesting
Reuses the energy from any NFC reader to activate components or sensors connected to the DSruptive board

2KB Memory
Store your personal data in public and password-protected partitions accessed via NFC

50 Year Memory Retention
A guaranteed 50 years of memory retention for your data

Status LED
LED offers visual communication – Blinking when approaching NFC and On when information is shared

Works with iOS and Android
Fully compatible with Android 4.4+ phones with NFC capabilities and iPhone 7 or newer models

Retrocompatibility with NFC
The DSruptive board uses a NTAG chip, which is retrocompatible with the whole NTAG and MIFARE family