We are happy to announce that we are soon opening up a closed beta testing program where you, who are an early adopter, can get your hands on our BeUno® Temperature device before it’s released to the market. The device is clinically tested, safe-to-use and includes the BeUno® Temperature implant and access to the smartphone application.

As a beta tester, you will have the opportunity to greatly impact the product with your feedback about its use.

At this point, we are only accepting Beta program testers in – or close to – Almería in Spain, Stockholm or Malmö in Sweden. If you can easily go to one of these places for the installation, you are welcome to join, even if you live in another location. If you’re not close to any of these cities, you can still apply and we will contact you if we open up for other locations.

Applying for enrollment is free, but the acceptance fee to get the device and be part of the Beta program is 250 €/2500 SEK. This fee is to cover the cost of the installation procedure and the device itself.

You will be one of the first persons to have this sophisticated device implanted, which of course can then be used for many years to come.

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